Initial value of He

Let's find the initial value of He. The initial value of He is random number that follows a normal distribution, with the mean specified as 0 and the standard deviation specified as "sqrt(2 / number of inputs)". ..

The number of inputs is the value of m in the conversion from m to n.

Initial value of weight when mainly using ReLU function as activation function It seems to be used for. By choosing a good initial value, the value to which the activation function is applied after the conversion from m to n in each layer will vary moderately.

Get the initial value of #He
sub he_init_value {
  my ($inputs_length) = @_;
  return randn (0, sqrt(1 / $inputs_length));

Initialize an array of weights using the initial value of He

use strict;
use warnings;

# Function to find random numbers that follow a normal distribution
# $m is mean, $sigma is standard deviation,
sub randn {
  my ($m, $sigma) = @_;
  my ($r1, $r2) = (rand(), rand());
  while ($r1 == 0) {$r1 = rand();}
  return($sigma * sqrt(-2 * log($r1)) * sin(2 * 3.14159265359 * $r2)) + $m;

# Create initial value of He
sub create_he_init_value {
  my ($inputs_length) = @_;
  return randn (0, sqrt(2 / $inputs_length));

#Create an array with the default value of He
sub array_create_he_init_value {
  my ($array_length, $inputs_length) = @_;
  my $nums_out = [];
  for (my $i = 0; $i <$array_length; $i ++) {
    $nums_out->[$i] = create_he_init_value ($inputs_length);
  return $nums_out;

# If the number of inputs is 728 and the number of outputs is 30, the length of the array of the matrix is ​​"728 * 30".
my $inputs_length = 728;
my $outputs_length = 30;
my $weights_mat = {
  rows_length => $outputs_length,
  columns_length => $inputs_length,
my $weights_values_length = $inputs_length * $outputs_length;
$weights_mat->{values} = array_create_he_init_value ($weights_values_length, $inputs_length);

use Data::Dumper;
print Dumper $weights_mat;

Initial values ​​other than the initial value of He

When using the sigmoid function as the activation function, it is better to use Xavier default value.

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