Introduction to Perl Deep Learning AI

Perl Deep Learning AI Primer is a course where you can learn the basics necessary for deep learning with Perl sample code. Deep learning, also known as deep learning, is a field of machine learning that can achieve high accuracy. We are devising so that you can learn the mathematical knowledge necessary for deep learning only with the basic knowledge of mathematics that you are learning in high school mathematics. It is also characterized by introducing as few mathematical formulas as possible and focusing on programmatic algorithms.

Since it is written only in Perl, it is a feature of this site that you can start learning without preparing a dedicated library or learning. With Perl installed, you can start learning deep learning right away.

For those who want to use deep learning AI for practical image recognition, pattern recognition, and voice recognition, we also introduce Perl's deep learning library "AI::NXNet".

What is deep learning?

Building a Perl environment for learning deep learning

Install Perl to learn deep learning. Compatible with Windows, Mac and Linux / UNIX.

Perl's deep learning library

Deep Learning Introducing Perl's deep learning library "AI::NXNet" for those who want to perform image recognition, pattern recognition, and voice recognition in practice using AI.

Basic knowledge

Learn the basics of deep learning.

Input processing

Weights and biases

Mathematics used in deep learning

Input / output




Activation function

Output layer

Loss function

Update weights and biases

Perl + Handwriting recognition with deep learning

Accelerate deep learning using SPVM

Perl Deep Learning AI Introductory Related Course

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Introduction to Perl Pro Blog Ramming

Learn the basics of Perl programming here.

Deep learning acceleration technology

Click here to learn the technology for accelerating deep learning.

Data analysis

Data analysis is a direct learning AIAlthough not relevant, it is misunderstood by the public and introduced as highly relevant. Please note that the words "big data" and "AI" are distributed on the surface of information as buzzwords, and there is a high possibility of investment fraud. I hope you know the actual data analysis and resolve the misunderstanding.

Deep learning questions

There is a members-only Perl Club Forum where you can interact with your peers and ask deep learning questions. You can also use Twitter's reply / direct message and Youtube's comment section.

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